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Base de datos internacional para el registro de balizas de 406 MHz (IBRD)

What is a Hex ID, and where can I find mine?

The Hex ID is a 15 hexadecimal character string (valid range: numbers 0 through 9 and letters A through F), referred to as the beacon 15 Hex Identification, or 15 Hex ID. Your beacon’s 15 character Hex ID uniquely identifies your 406 MHz beacon and is encoded in the message your beacon transmits to search and rescue services if your beacon is activated. When your beacon is activated satellites will detect the transmission and relay the distress alert to search and rescue services. The Hex ID contains the country code and other identification features relative to the carrier which are dependent upon the coding protocol used. The Hex ID can identify the carrier using the radio call sign, a serial number, aircraft registration marking, etc.

You should find your beacon’s Hex ID on a label affixed to the beacon or in the beacon documentation provided by your beacon manufacturer.  If you have difficulty locating your beacon Hex ID, contact your beacon manufacturer.

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